Medicare FAQs


Q: How does Medicare work?
A: Medicare is federal provided healthcare that helps with costs of hospitalization, doctor visits and outpatient procedures.

Q: How do I register with Medicare?
A: To register you can either go online or in person to your local Social Security office, or contact Medicare Optimized for assistance.

Q: What are the important deadlines I need to meet?
A: Depends on a couple things, such as:

  • If you or your spouse is working for a company with less than 20 employees or already retired, you must register for Medicare 3 months prior, the month of or 3 months after turning 65.
  • If you or your spouse is working for a company with more than 20 employees, you must register for Medicare within 8 months of leaving comparable group coverage. 

There are exceptions and special circumstances that may apply. Contact Medicare Optimized to learn more based on your situation.

Q: How do I avoid potential Late Enrollment Penalties?
A: You need enroll in Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D (or Part C) by the deadlines that pertain to your specific situation. To find out more about your deadlines contact Medicare Optimized for a personal review.

Q: How do I identify a cost effective option that meets my healthcare needs?
A: Medicare Optimized will compare Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans available to you and your spouse that meet your healthcare needs.

Q: Can my dependent spouse be on my Medicare plan?
A: Medicare does not have spousal or dependent coverage. Medicare is individual. If your spouse has reached age eligibility (65), then they can enroll in Medicare of their own accord 90 days in advance of the month they turn 65.

Q: Can I keep my employer coverage?
A: Maybe. If the employer group has 20 eligible employees or more, and you’re going to continue to work, then it may be an option. But there are many things to consider. Contact Medicare Optimized to learn more.

Q: Do I need to enroll in Part “A” and Part “B” of Medicare?
A: Part “A” is typically in place when you turn 65. Part “B” requires enrollment and is not automatic.

Q: Can I just have “Original Medicare” A+B as my health insurance at retirement?
A: Yes. However, you will face unlimited financial exposure to those costs not covered by Original Medicare. Prescription drugs are not covered by Original Medicare.

Q: Can I keep all my same doctors when I’m on Medicare?
A: It’s important to be sure your doctor accepts Medicare. You will need to select a plan that your doctor works with. Medicare Optimized can help.

Q: Does Medicare cover me if I’m in a nursing home?
A: Yes, for up to 100 days, after a required three-day hospital stay.

Q: Does Medicare have dental plans?
A: No. There are options available through private insurance companies, either supplemental benefits or stand-alone plans. To find out more contact Medicare Optimized.

Q: What is Part “D”?
A: Part “D” is a prescription drug plan provided by private insurance companies.

Q: What happens if I miss my designated enrollment window into Medicare?
A: Medicare may impose lifelong Late Enrollment Penalties. Contact Medicare Optimized for details.

Q: What is a Part “C” plan?
A: Part “C” is another name for Medicare Advantage.

Q: What is creditable coverage?
A: This is a Medicare term that establishes previous coverage being at least as good as Medicare’s.

Q: Should I have both a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement Plan?
A: No. Medicare does not allow you to have both.